Rooftop Inspection Company specializes in recovering and replacing roofs. We dedicate ourselves to help you get the most out of your existing roof, but every roof eventually wears out. If our roof inspection does not indicate that we think affordable repairs can keep you leak-free for at least two years, we will recommend that you re-roof.

When we re-roof we use only the highest quality materials and  make every effort to make sure that your new roof will be leak free and price effective. After all, that's our reputation!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive to make you completely satisfied with your new roof, even down to the small little details. We stand by your products and services, and will provide you with excellent customer service along the way. 

LeakFREE Warranty

All standard re-roofing done with Rooftop Inspection Company automatically enrolls your roof in a 1 year LeakFREE® Warranty program. If you want an extended warranty, then Extended LeakFREE Warranties are also available  for up to 5 years on certain roofs.

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